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A few simple steps to win crypto

Walk. Earn. Redeem

Walk & Stay fit

Using ixfi’s new Steps program, you can win ixfi Points by simply turning on the App when you move around the city. Whether you go for a run, resolve your chores in other areas, or walk to your job or university - ixfi pays you to burn calories and stay in shape.

Win ixfi Points

Every step you make counts for your Milestones. Once reached, these Milestones will reward your progress with ixfi Points. Complete simple tasks and accumulate as many ixfi Points as possible while reaching a record number of steps. Remember to turn on your Location in ixfi Mobile App to track your progress.

Redeem your favorite crypto

The ixfi Points you earn while moving can be redeemed for real cryptocurrencies. Visit our Rewards Center, choose your favorite ixfi Bag and claim it before the supply runs out.

Easy-to-use interface

Check your steps progress. See how many ixfi Points you won. Review Milestones.
All in one place

Before you continue


Our App will collect the number of steps from Google Fit or Apple Health once you grant permission. ixfi will not be responsible for any counting issue regarding the number of steps. It may take up to 48 hours to receive your ixfi Points.


Only one user per device can participate in the ixfi Steps program. If the permission for ixfi App to count steps is removed, progress and rewards will be ceased.